When you’re tired of chasing symptoms, it’s time for a whole body approach

We’ve all had that moment. The one where you say to yourself, “I can’t go on like this.” You’ve tried diet and exercise. You’ve probably consulted different specialists. When none of your efforts are getting you where you want to be, it’s time to look through a different lens. You are not a collection of parts with problems. Your body works as an integrated system, and that’s how we treat it.


Our Process


Assess your current health


Map out your unique priorities


Restore your health and vitality

Investing in your health is an investment in your happiness.

We address the root causes behind these common concerns

Fatigue & Toxicity

Brain Fog / ADHD

Impaired Digestion

Depression / Anxiety

Stress & Inflammation

Unbalanced Hormones

Unstable Blood Sugar

Circulation & Heart Health


Your health is the bedrock for your life and your happiness.
Let’s rebuild it together.

Meet Dr Margaret Winters

I am passionate about removing barriers to living a full and happy life. Working together, we can rebuild the healthy, normal patterns that are your birthright. Creating whole body health enables you to enjoy exuberant vitality at any age or stage of life.

I love using practical and accessible tools to help restore your whole body’s health. Whole food nutrition and supplementation, gentle elimination of toxins, supportive education, and movement-based techniques all play a part in creating lifelong vitality.

Let’s identify the key factors that are holding you back, and set a solid, manageable plan in place to move you forward step by step.

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