PFAs (short for per- or polyfluoroalkyl) are a class of chemicals used in many, many manufacturing processes. They last forever and they end up in our drinking water — and then in our bodies. This is true for 95% of Americans. Why is this a problem? They are disruptors of our normal biochemistry, our hormone systems, and they are linked to multiple type of cancers. In other words, they are a direct threat to your health.

They’re found in multiple products:

  • stain- or water-resistant fabrics
  • non-stick cookware
  • make-up and other personal care products
  • fire-fighting foam
  • many stains and waxes
  • food packaging

The Guardian article linked below is focused on food wrappers, and also does an excellent job of showing how they they travel from the wrapper out into the environment and ultimately into you: View article

Here also is a link to an EarthJustice quick fact sheet you can download. It is a good summary, and includes actions you can press your local, state, and federal representatives to take: View fact sheet

Besides pressuring your representatives to take action, you can also protect your health by buying the safest products you can. Here are two sources for evaluating products before you buy:

Here’s to your whole body health!

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