Brain Boost

Your brain is a marvelous and multi-faceted organism and involved in every aspect of your life. It’s also highly dependent on the health of your body as a whole. This is an area of life where failure is not an acceptable option. Brain Boost helps you both measure and address the current health of your beautiful and precious brain.

As with any aspect of health, the first step is measuring your baseline:

  • How well is your brain really working right now?
    We use a combination of blood and cognitive tests to measure things like your brain’s processing speed, how inflamed you are, how well your memory is working.
  • How well are you doing on key markers for healthy longevity?
    We’ll look at your most recent blood work, as well as additional functional tests and lifestyle factors.

Once we have a clear picture, the next step is developing a plan that’s specific to you:

  • What are the priorities in moving the needle for you?
    Let’s say we identify five areas that need to be addressed. That may not be practical, so you and I will pick the top two or three that make the most sense for you.

Your life is not static. What’s important for you in the first 3 to 6 months will change as your brain-body health improves. And over the long term, adapting to the changing circumstances and demands of your life is really what it’s all about. So we ask different questions:

  • How are you doing relative to your starting point? What’s working well for you? What still needs attention? How can you most easily maintain a new, better baseline?

We truly depend on our brains for everything we do, so it’s smart to be proactive. Brain Boost is a straightforward, science-based program that gives you the tools you need for lifetime brain-body health.

The bottom line? For a healthy body, you need healthy cells. Contact us to explore what Brain Boost can do for you.

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