Chiropractic Techniques & Soft Tissue Therapy

We use precise and gentle chiropractic adjustments to restore functional alignment to your joints. No forceful adjusting is ever needed.

We provide upper cervical care for migraine headaches, whiplash, trigeminal neuralgia, vertigo, TMJ/TMD and other intractable conditions like chronic neck pain and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Winters has advanced training in the Atlas Orthogonal technique. Atlas Orthogonal is a state-of-the-art chiropractic correction that affects the entire body. It uses percussive sound waves to adjust the first bone of the spine (the atlas). Dr. Winters also uses the Activator and Impulse instruments for conditions like low back pain and sciatica, hip and knee pain.

Muscles, ligaments and fascia connect and integrate the movement of your joints; like the spine, these structures develop misaligned “habits”. Techniques like neuromuscular retraining, fascial release, and lymphatic activation help your body release these old, faulty patterns.

Kinesio-taping can reduce pain and swelling, and help you relearn healthy movement as your body recovers. When needed, gait retraining and custom orthotics can correct improper foot mechanics that contribute to plantar fasciitis and foot, knee, hip or back pain.