Circulation & Heart Health

“What doesn’t circulate, stagnates.” Cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation are foundational for our health. If your heart isn’t getting the resources it needs to drive efficient blood circulation, or if your lymphatic drainage system is sluggish, you can be in trouble without knowing it.

The heart is both mechanical and electrical. Because it works 24/7, it is a “heavy feeder,” needing plenty of minerals, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. If your diet is unbalanced or inadequate, or your digestion is impaired, your heart is like a boxer with one hand tied behind his or her back.

Another 24/7 worker, your lymphatic system cleans up cellular waste and produces key immune cells in the spleen, tonsils, and thymus gland. When it’s overloaded, your immune system responses will be affected, and there’s greater likelihood of toxic stagnation and disease.

My Approach

Prevention is the greater part of cure. Let’s make sure your heart has what it needs to keep your circulatory system working well. Simple lymphatic drainage and movement techniques are easy to integrate into your daily routine and will keep you on top of your health.

Sample Lab Report

Cleveland Heart Lab sample report

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