Meet Dr Winters

Whole body health care saved my life.

In my early forties, I was completely side-lined by chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia – and I was desperately afraid. I worked in a high pressure environment, designing interactive multi-media based education, and I thought I might never work again.

Over time, through trial and error, I put together the pieces of the solution: nutrient-dense foods, herbal remedies and whole food supplements, eliminating toxins, gentle chiropractic care and soft tissue work, movement-based rehab. These tools transformed my life – and my career.

Now I have the great privilege of helping other people in need of change. Whatever the pieces of the solution are for you, it’s always a dialogue and a partnership. The goal is for you to live a happy, productive life, and enjoy being on the planet.

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Professional Qualifications

BS, University of Texas at Austin
DC, Sherman College of Chiropractic (magna cum laude)
Board Certified, Atlas Orthogonal technique
Functional Medicine certification, 2019

Continuing Chiropractic Education & Training

Activator technique
Extremity adjusting
Sacro-occipital technique
Directional Non-Force technique
Low force mobilization
Trigger point therapy
Fascial manipulation
(Stecco Method Levels I and II)