Unbalanced Hormones

Irritable, exhausted, unable to get a refreshing night’s sleep, struggling with stubborn weight? Whether your thyroid is dysregulated or your reproductive hormones are out of sync, hormone imbalances can really make you feel like the wheels are coming off.

Rather than paper over the problem with hormone replacement therapy, we can think about it from a global perspective: what’s causing this faulty communication?

Our hormones are powerful chemical messengers. Your endocrine system is designed to constantly monitor and adjust your hormone levels so that your life runs smoothly. When the system gets off-track, it always pays to look upstream.

If your thyroid is over- or under-producing, we need to look at the full spectrum of relevant hormones. This includes communication from the hypothalamus and pituitary, endocrine glands that influence the thyroid. A full bloodwork panel is an essential tool to understanding what’s not working right.

Our female reproductive life cycle is complex. Not only is it highly dependent on what’s happening in our bodies as a whole, it also changes radically over time. And its balance is easily disrupted by external estrogens in body products and other sources. When it’s out of balance, so are we, and our daily lives can suffer for it.

My Approach

Because our hormonal system is vulnerable to stress and inflammation, we can’t neglect the fundamentals of good health. Sometimes enabling more effective detoxification and removing provocative foods from your diet is enough to reset your hormonal balance. But we need to have a clear picture of what’s actually happening, and that’s why the right kind of testing is essential.

Good test data and systematic detective work can bring our vital hormone system back into harmony.

Sample Lab Report

DutchTest Hormone sample report
Thyroid Blood Work sample report

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