Unstable Blood Sugar

Unstable blood sugar is one of the biggest drivers of “inflamm-aging” in modern times. Whether it’s labeled cardiometabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes, it’s the high road to early cognitive decline and a host of other unwelcome conditions like diabetic neuropathy.

The latest findings suggest that focusing exclusively on glycemic control doesn’t improve patient outcomes. Trying to isolate and control the complex array of symptoms (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, etc.) that stem from insulin and leptin resistance can involve multiple medications and mixed results.

My Approach

A whole-body perspective looks first at aspects of a patient’s diet and lifestyle that are easy to change. Building on small successes makes big changes possible. Improving sleep, adding gentle progressive exercise, and techniques for short-circuiting cravings all give patients powerful ways to take ownership of their own health and vitality.

Sample Lab Report

Cleveland Labs sample report

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